Who We Are


Walsh Sheppard is a full-service advertising agency and marketing communications firm headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in strategic branding. We serve a diverse group of clients in industries such as telecommunications, banking and finance, healthcare, retail, construction, engineering, entertainment, hospitality, energy, and government contracting. We also serve several of the leading Alaska Native Corporations, government organizations, non-profits, and the political realm.

Led by agency founder and CEO Pat Walsh and her partner, Jack Sheppard, President and COO, we offer our clients a creative yet pragmatic approach to strategic and marketing problems. Informed by experience, yet unconstrained by convention, we combine the best of big agency knowledge with the fervor and originality of passionate and talented individuals.

What We Do



More than just a logo

A brand is to a company what character is to a person. We help companies break away from the competition by tapping into their DNA. With a focus on distinctive, descriptive, and aesthetic creative, we help communicate the essence of companies with logos and beyond.


Connecting you to the world

Strategy separates great creative from effective creative. Our strategic approach utilizes tactics that are known to resonate with today's audiences. We implement strategies based on a deep situational understanding and data, allowing our campaigns to dominate the marketplace.


Maximizing your audience and reach

Remember when TV died a few years ago and everyone stopped watching it? Remember when radios stopped broadcasting because of the Internet? Right, neither do we. While television viewership habits are changing, the driving forces behind the creative to reach those audiences are still the same. Our in-house audio and video studio services allow us to meet the needs of an evolving audience.


More than an ad or a digital storefront

Your website is one of your most powerful tools. We understand that great websites require an interactive experience, and we handle your website with care beyond its launch. After we help you deliver on a great user experience, we'll measure whether your website is achieving your brand and business goals. And when you really need your business in print, we produce creative that not only stands out of pages, but on key online applications too.

What We've Done


Chevy trucks, vodka bottles, televisions...if it gets too close to Walsh Sheppard's office, it'll leave with our designs all over it. We've brought home awards for some and decorated bar carts with others.

So kick off your Xtratufs, pour a Bloody Mary made with Smoked Salmon vodka from Alaska Distillery, and persue some of our wares.

Walsh Sheppard_Koniag
Walsh Sheppard_Olgoonik
Walsh Sheppard_Office of Boat Safety
MTA Disobediant Data TV Spot
BottlewithTag Squared
Walsh Sheppard The Alliance
Walsh Sheppard BBNC
ANCSA Regional Association
Walsh Sheppard Exxon Mobil
MTA Samsung Galaxy Poster